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Our Approach

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Deliver on every stage of your project lifecycle with complete confidence


Prompting Tools 

Unforeseen risks are easily identified before they impact project outcomes. Enhanced collaboration and communication across the projects with automated workflows, notifications, and visual reporting will give project stakeholders peace of mind knowing that nothing will fall through the cracks.


Artificial Intelligence

We have a full team of experts behind the scenes at STACT, however, the real power sits in our AI-driven technology. Our smart platform takes the guesswork out of projects and ensures you’re delivering to your contractual obligations at all times. 


Standardised Framework

STACT is a cloud-based software solution that aggregates data across all facets of your project to drive effective outcomes and enable full transparency on the health of your project. Our fully integrated solution provides all project team members full visibility, whether on or off-site, to dive in and understand project health at any time. 


Real-time Reporting

Using the latest in UAV (Drone) and other cutting edge data capturing technologies, project stakeholders can get a real-time view of the project’s status. Have full confidence that your project is working with the most accurate data possible, removing human error and bias. 


Budget Optimisation

39% of projects overrun - and when they do, an overrun typically costs 25% of the budget. To put that in perspective, on a $1b project, just an average overrun can result in a further $250m expense, which eats into your profit margin. With STACT, this can be avoided, with all potential risks identified and rectified early, reducing any profit and budgetary consequences. 

Project intelligence at your fingertips

AI-powered contract analysis identifying key focus areas to avoid onerous contractual issues
Identify risks and provide solutions before they impact your project and profit margins
 Track critical elements of project in real-time
Create bespoke charts and formats with project data
Support your team to monitor status, tasks, costs and teams efficiently to make the right decisions
Monitor 4D virtual and 3D reality status of a project
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